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Services for expats

Global Expatriate Services: Services for expats worldwide.


Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL) is a service company for digital nomads, expats and companies that relocate staff. We offer relocation services to traveling expats, and property management services to apartment owners.

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  • The Golden Visa for Spain As part of a raft of new laws that came into place in September 2015, the Golden Visa in Spain allows investors favorable terms on their visas in exchange for a significant investment in the Spanish economy. The Golden Visa in Spain programme is a way to attract foreign investors and boost growth in the housing market. Learn More
  • Furnished rental apartments for expats We offer fully equipped short stay rental apartments for digital nomads and expats in Spain, France and Belgium. Are you an expat? The first concern you have to deal with is accommodation. Regardless of the length of your stay Globexs will help you find affordable short term rental accommodation, completely... Learn More
  • Think out of the box, open your mind, open new markets, explore the horizon! OPEN NEW MARKETS AND EXPLORE NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Globexs helps companies entering new markets and expanding their business. We provide the necessary infrastructure for companies to enter a new market. Our clients only have to worry about finding customers, we take care of... Learn More
  • BUILD YOUR OWN DREAM FACTORY Work spaces & meeting rooms for companies, expats, and digital nomads coming from Mars. Networking Exchanging experiences and ideas Learn More

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If you don't find what you are searching for let us know. We will find it, make a personalized quotation and include it in your shipment. Please contact us via our contact form


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