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We help Globexs owners decorate their apartment

If you are the owner of a Globexs apartment we help you decorate your apartment.



How to choose bedlinens?

In this webshop we sell luxury bedlinens as seen in 5 star hotels all over the world, branded Resuinsa.




What are the bedsizes in your apartment?


DOUBLE BEDS (150x200cm, 150x200cm, 180x200cm, 200x200cm)

For a double bed sized we recommend the following item: COMPLETE BEDLINEN SET for only 105 €. The linens is hotel quality: It is especially designed to resist frequent washes. This linen will last for many years even if you wash it very frequently. The set consists of


  • 1 bedsheet for double bed: 280x300cm
  • 1 duvet cover for double bed duvet: 220x220cm
  • 2 pillowcases, unisize 45x90cm, fits on every rectangular pillow
  • 1 all season duvet for double bed: 220x220cm
  • 2 soft pillows ref Polyfiber


Click here to buy this item.



SINGLE BEDS (90x200cm, 100x200cm)

If you want to buy linen for a single bed you need to buy every item separately. These are the items that you need.


  • 1 bedsheet for single bed: 190x300cm. Click here to buy.
  • 1 duvet cover for single bed duvet: 160x220cm. Click here to buy.
  • 1 pillowcase, unisize 45x90cm. Click here to buy.
  • 1 all season duvet for single bed: 150x220cm. Click here to buy.
  • 1 soft pillow. Click here to buy.



How to choose bathroom linens?

In this webshop we sell sets of luxury terry towels, bathrobes and complimentaries.




You need to buy 1 TOWEL SET per person. The price of this set is 18 € only. A towel set consists of 


  • 1 bathmat,
  • 2 hand towels, 
  • 2 bath towels, 
  • 2 face towels